Estudillo Chapter Meetings

We welcome visitors at all chapter meetings; please join us! Come meet our members and learn more about our chapter.

Chapter meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month, September through May, at 10:00 AM in the City of Hemet. Please contact us for additional information if you would like to attend any of our chapter meetings.

Thank you for your interest.

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Our Patriots

Revolutionary Patriots
Spirit of '76

Please view our chapter's patriot list. If you recognize a possible ancestor, it may quicken your DAR application process.

If your patriot ancestor isn't listed on this page, you can utilize the DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) to search the DAR ancestor database.

Our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will work with you to see if you are eligible to join and will help you to complete the application process.

Our Patriot Ancestors
Patriot NameState of ServicePatriot NameState of Service
Acken, Joseph Virginia Green, Charles New York & Rhode Island
Adams, Elijah Connecticut & New York Hagan, Joseph Maryland
Ashley, John Sr. Massachusetts Hamilton, James Maryland
Axtell, Daniel Pennsylvania Hancock, Joseph Massachusetts
Beall, Moses Massachusetts Harris, Ann Epps Virginia
Becker, Jacob Pennsylvania Haynes, John Virginia
Bissell, Ozias Sr. Connecticut Henry, Patrick Virginia
Blodgett, Daniel Connecticut Hobbs, Robert South Carolina
Boone, Edward North Carolina & Virginia Hudson, David Virginia
Bradford, Ezekiel Sr. Massachusetts King, Benjamin Sr. Massachusetts
Brainerd, Abijah Connecticut Knowlton, Abraham Massachusetts
Brainerd, Othniel Connecticut Mason, John Virginia
Bryan, Joseph Sr. Virginia Mauck, John Virginia
Bugg, John Virginia Mehl, Fredrick Jr. Pennsylvania
Burton, Josiah Vermont McMillan, John South Carolina
Bushnell, Alexander Connecticut Morrill, Henry Massachusetts
Cary, Ephraim Massachusetts Morris, William Sr. Virginia
Cantrell, Stephen Virginia Moses, Othniel Connecticut
Chambers, Robert North Carolina Norton, John Austin Connecticut
Clough, Zaccheus New Hampshire Pierce, John Rhode Island
Codill, James North Carolina Potts, David Virginia
Cornett, James Virginia Razey, Joseph Sr. New Hampshire
Crane, James Connecticut Rutherford, Larken Virginia
Dwinell, Solomon Massachusetts Skinner, Uriah Connecticut
Eckman, Henry Pennsylvania Spencer, John Rhode Island
Edwards, Isaac Virginia Spencer, Joseph Connecticut
Ferebee, William North Carolina Stevenson, John Virginia
Finley, Andrew Pennsylvania Stockton, Robert Pennsylvania
Forsyth, John Pennsylvania Stockton, Thomas Pennsylvania
Foster, William Pennsylvania Treat, Robert Massachusetts
Gatliff, Charles Virginia Venable, Nathaniel Virginia
Gee, Neavil Virginia Wagner, Adam Virginia
Goyne, James South Carolina Wakefield, Samuel Massachusetts
Guernsey, John (PS) New Hampshire Walbridge, Henry Massachusetts
Guernsey, John (Fifer) New Hampshire Wilson, Benjamin Virginia
Guernsey, Jonathan Connecticut Witter, Josiah Rhode Island
Gonzalez, Juan Antonio Spanish America